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16 Sep 2014
You are likely to receive unsolicited requests offering trade mark publication, renewal or watching services –a list of the most common companies is set out below. These companies are in no way connected with our firm, our renewals service provider CPA Global or IP Australia and the services offered may be bogus, or for unnecessary services or at inflated charges. Whilst some of these companies are legitimate organisations which will attend to the actions offered, others are unlikely to, despite payment of fees. Read more

09 Sep 2014
On Friday 5 September 2014, the Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia (by unanimous joint judgment of an expanded five judge panel), upheld the finding of Justice Nicholas at first instance in February 2013 (Cancer Voices Australia v Myriad Inc [2013] FCA 65) that isolated nucleic acid molecules are patentable. The Court was not swayed by issues of morality or public policy and neither were they influenced by the US Supreme Court findings to the contrary. Read more

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