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Preston Ng
Preston Ng
Trainee Attorney

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Preston is a Trainee Attorney in our Sydney Biotechnology team with a passion for the latest technological innovations and advancements in the Biotechnology and Life Sciences fields. Prior to joining FB Rice, Preston completed a traineeship as a Patent Scientist at a leading boutique IP firm in Malaysia, where he was involved with filing and the prosecution of patents in the South East Asia region.

Preston commenced his scientific career as a Research Assistant at The University of Queensland and Griffith University, and more recently as a Research Fellow at The Institute for Glycomics, at Griffith University. His PhD research investigated the role of sialic acid based glycans involved in pathogenesis to increase the understanding of sialic acid biology in major human host adapted pathogens (bacteria and viruses) such as; non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi), Neisseria meningitidis and human influenza A viral strains.

This research spanned the scientific fields of glycobiology, molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, and evolutionary biology, and was recently published in the scientific journal Nature Communications.

During his time as a Research Assistant and PhD student, Preston developed a strong ability to translate technical language into simplified terms. He continues to use this ability while working with clients by communicating sometimes difficult to understand patent processes in a way they can more easily comprehend.

Preston holds a PhD specialising in Glycobiology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from The Institute for Glycomics at Griffith University; a Master of Science, Biotechnology from the University of Queensland; and a Bachelor of Science from Monash University, Malaysia. Whilst undertaking his PhD, Preston was selected to present papers at a number of international conferences in Hong Kong, Italy and the USA.

Preston  is currently working towards registration as an Australian Patent Attorney and is located in the Sydney office of FB Rice

  • Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology from Monash University, Malaysia
  • Master of Science in Biotechnology from the University of Queensland
  • PhD in Glycobiology & Molecular Microbiology from the Institute for Glycomics at Griffith University
Key Areas of Expertise
  • Glycobiology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Bacterial Genetics and Pathogenesis
  • Protein expression and purification
Industry Focus
Professional Affiliations
  • AusBiotech
  • Australian Society of Microbiology
  • HKU-Pasteur Immunology Network