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Canada is closely tied to Australia in tradition and in their shared desire to encourage robust global trade and economic cooperation.

For more information on filing in Canada, please contact Sylvan Browne.

Economic Overview

The Canadian economy is the world’s 11th largest by GDP as of 2014, with Australia ranked 12th. The United States and Canadian economies are closely tied as major trading partners and Canada is considered the 15th most competitive nation economically by the World Economic Forum.

Bilateral Relations

The relationship between Australia and Canada is well developed, with ongoing contact and collaboration between governments, business, academics, and communities. In 2007, the Canada-Australia Public Policy Initiative was launched, bringing together senior officials biennially to discuss public policy. A range of bilateral agreements also exist between the two countries.

Canada contact
Sylvan Browne

Sylvan advises clients on developing patent strategies to suit their commercial objectives, with a specific focus on patent protection in the North American, European and Asian markets. In recent years, he has developed a particularly detailed understanding of the IP landscape in Korea and travels there regularly.

Sylvan previously worked with a prominent IP firm in Canada for four years, where he practiced as a patent agent representing clients before the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and the US Patent and Trademark Office. During his time practicing in North America, he gained significant experience drafting and prosecuting US, Canadian and European patents for sophisticated technology companies.

15 Jul 2016
The Trans-Pacific Partnership is back in the news, today, with US Senator Orrin Hatch accusing Australia of wanting to steal American patents.

08 Mar 2016
Australia is now a member of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, despite the large amount of negative publicity it initially received. Joanne Martin, FB Rice, explores the effects of the TPP from the perspective of Intellectual Property Law, and for the country more generally.