Patent & Trade Mark
Language Capability

Foreign Language Capability

At FB Rice, we employ attorneys and support staff from a wide array of backgrounds and nationalities.  This diversity brings with it in-house foreign language capability which allows us to better tailor our service offering to the specific needs of our clients.


Proficiency Level

Afrikaans Native/Bilingual
Arabic Limited Working Proficiency
Aramaic/Assyrian Limited Working Proficiency
Cantonese Native/Bilingual
Dutch Limited Working Proficiency
Farsi Limited Working Proficiency
French Professional Working Proficiency
German Native/Bilingual
Hebrew Native/Bilingual
Hindi Native/Bilingual
Indonesian Limited Working Proficiency
Italian Native/Bilingual
Japanese Professional Working Proficiency
Korean Native/Bilingual
Malay Full Working Proficiency
Mandarin Native/Bilingual
Polish Native/Bilingual
Punjabi Native/Bilingual
Russian Native/Bilingual
Spanish Native/Bilingual
Swedish Native/Bilingual
Tamil Native/Bilingual
Ukrainian Native/Bilingual


Our People
Senior Associate
Karin is a qualified patent and trade mark attorney and Senior Associate with FB Rice. She joined the firm in 2007 after working for the patent attorney practices in two large Australian law firms.
Karin is a registered Australian and New Zealand Patent and Trade Marks Attorney.