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Whether you're a seasoned professional or an inquisitive mind, this hub is your one-stop destination for all things AI-related.
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People and culture at FB Rice

At FB Rice, we take pride in our culture and our people, and how they combine to deliver exceptional client experiences.
Our vibrant culture and core values set us apart, creating an atmosphere where continuous growth, helpfulness, approachability, and teamwork flourish. In this video, we invite you behind the scenes to see firsthand how our people make the critical difference.
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Our expertise

As market leaders, we respond to your IP needs with the right technical expert every time. Our award winning firm comprises IP specialists from a wide range of technologies and industries including Biotechnology, Chemistry, Engineering, Medical Technology, Computer and Electrical Sciences. We thrive on our ability to solve problems and give practical advice by combining outstanding intellectual capability, creativity and commercial insight.

Navigating the R&D Tax Incentive program?

At FB Rice, R&D tax consulting is an integral part of our IP strategy service offering.
Kate Mahady, Partner and Head of our R&D tax consulting team, shares her extensive experience in guiding clients through their R&D journey.
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Our people

We are responsive, thoughtful and reliable, to make IP easy for you.
We recruit the best technical experts and empower them through training and mentoring to deliver a superior service. Our people have excellent communication skills and we foster an inclusive environment that extends from our employees to our clients.
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