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Oil and Gas

Australia is currently positioned to become the leading exporter of LNG on the global market in 2020 to feed the rising energy demands of China, Japan, Korea and emerging markets Taiwan and India.  However, ongoing investment in LNG projects is at risk from increasing competition from US shale gas exporters and high capital and operating expenditure.


To remain competitive, technologies to improve productivity, monetize stranded reserves, comply with safety and environmental regulations, and reduce environmental impact are continually being developed.

Our attorneys understand that the oil and gas industry is a global industry, and that intellectual property management strategies spanning several countries are required to maximize the commercial outcomes for our clients.

Our team members have extensive experience in a very broad range of upstream and downstream technologies, including subsea engineering, offshore production facilities, natural gas processing, refrigerants and refrigeration systems, LNG production processes and systems, and gas-to-liquids.

We have particular expertise in undertaking due diligence in respect of third party IP rights, challenging and defending patent rights, management of multi-national IP portfolios, and advising on joint ventures and trans-national licensing agreements.

For further information on our Oil & Gas team, please contact Charles Berman.


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