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2018 RACI Natural Products Chemistry Symposium

Date: 03 October 2018
Author: Michael Moore

Michael Moore was pleased to attend the 2018 RACI Natural Products Chemistry Symposium at UNSW last Friday which included speakers Prof Nigel Perry, Prof Leslie Weston and Prof Brett Neilan.  As neatly summarised by Chair Prof Naresh Kumar, the Symposium featured the full range of natural products research. 

Prof Nigel Perry (Otago) led off the key-note presentations with a take on combinatorial biosynthesis in New Zealand tea trees nicely opening up the floor to the “omic” approaches in discovery and profiling of natural products: genomic-directed discovery (Prof Brett Neilan, Newcastle) and metabolomics (Prof Leslie Weston, Charles Sturt) followed by some topical discussion on the bioprospecting and mining of traditional knowledge and medicines.

Albert Fahrenbach (UNSW) took us all back in time looking at the role of radiolytic synthesis of RNA in chemical evolution.  To mention a few, the day was complete with talks on total synthesis; peptide methodology; the kinome, balanol and variolin; biomimicry and deuteration. Yit-Cheng Chooi (UWA), took us through “chemoecogenomics” and predictive NMR, while the Pyne group at Wollongong introduced the concept of the cow, the bluebell and structural elucidation and the Smith group from Tasmania gave us a hot-shot of natural products with a modified espresso machine.

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