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Branding in 3 easy steps...

Date: 25 August 2011
Author: Joanne Martin, Gail Hill
When branding  a product, a service or your company, the following three boxes need to be ticked for peace of mind:
  1. Check that your brand has good marketing potential: that it is easy to say, easy to recall and easy to protect. 
  2. Check the brand for cultural sensitivities, that it cannot be easily parodied and has no adverse meanings or implications. 
  3. Check that your brand is different from your competitors' brands, that it is free for you to use and able to be registered as a trade mark.

Why apply for trade mark registration for your brand?

  • A trade mark application reserves the brand while you are preparing for launch
  • Registration gives exclusive right to use the trade mark throughout Australia
  • Registration is an easily enforceable right against copying
  • Registration is a property right which may be licensed or sold

How can your trade mark adviser help you?

A trade mark attorney can provide valuable assistance at the time of choosing a new brand: will advise on registrability, will simplify the searching and registration process for you and give guidance should you need to obtain registration overseas.


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