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FB Rice and the Environment

Date: 04 December 2011
Author: FB Rice
FB Rice recognises that its business activities have an impact on the world and that harmful effects are reduced through active management.
FB Rice has adopted the model of measure, reduce, offset.
Measure:  FB Rice has embraced measurement of waste production, energy consumption and green house gas (GHG) emission.  The firm has been measuring each of these using proven and reliable audit processes for several years and continuing assessment is now a standard part of the firm's reporting.
Reduce:  a range of initiatives have been adopted to reduce the firm's impact including:
  • replacement of halogen lights with LEDs (light emitting diodes)
  • virtualisation of computer servers
  • use of recycled business inputs and the recycling of spent products
  • minimisation of printing
  • encouragement of low impact commuting: walking, running and cycling
Offset:  FB Rice accepts that not all impacts can be eliminated.  Partners and staff of FB Rice fly a million passenger kilometres each year maintaining contact with our clients around the world.  When emissions cannot be reduced further they are offset by the acquisition of credits.
FB Rice contributes to the new sustainability initiative known as the Australian Legal Sector Alliance (AusLSA) through membership and active participation.

AusLSA aims to develop best practice sustainability guidelines for the legal sector to help firms achieve measurable targets in reducing their environmental impact. It is based on the UK Legal Sector Alliance, which has 30% of all lawyers in private practice in England and Wales as members.


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