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IMNIS Engaging with Industry

Date: 03 June 2019
Author: FB Rice

FB Rice is always pleased to support the significant initiatives that IMNIS (Industry Mentoring Network in STEM) provide in connecting industry with academia. IMNIS recently hosted a series of events across Australia, inviting guests to hear from industry leaders, investors and entrepreneurs about the how, when and why to engage with industry.

Madeleine Kelly, Manuel Schmidt, Brett Lunn, and Carol Cane were invited to be panellists at the Melbourne (30 April), Brisbane (1 May), Sydney (2 May) and Perth (22 May) events respectively, and enjoyed participating in the lively discussion centered around the importance of understanding commercialisation and developing strong professional connections beyond academia. They also discussed how to foster stronger collaborations between industry and academia, and the best strategies for success. We look forward to working with IMNIS on further industry initiatives.


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