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MOF2018 6th International Conference on Metal-Organic and Open Framework Compounds

Date: 19 December 2018
Author: Michael Moore

Michael Moore enjoyed attending the 6th international conference on metal-organic frameworks and open framework compounds (MOF2018) held in Auckland last week.  MOF2018 did not disappoint covering the full range of research into framework compounds over a number of concurrent streams: gas adsorption, capture and storage; catalysis; conductivity; design and applications. 

Numbers were up from MOF2016 held in Los Angeles with 620 delegates from countries including the US, UK, Japan and Saudi Arabia.  MOF 2018 is a real tribute to Professor Shane Telfer from Massey University, New Zealand and the organising committee, which also had an Australian face including the likes of Matthew Hill (CSIRO/Monash University) and Chris Richardson (University of Wollongong).  Bringing a large, international science and technology event downunder is a rarity and FB Rice was thrilled to have had the opportunity to support MOF2018.  An industry forum was held alongside the conference and showcased real developments in synthesis of framework compounds to scale for use in gas storage and battery applications.  FB Rice also contributed to the industry forum with Michael Moore speaking on Trans-Tasman intellectual property.

We look forward to the next conference with MOF2020 being held in Dresden, Germany.

Tags:  MOF2018, Auckland, metal-organic frameworks, open framework compounds, porous materials, covalent-organic frameworks

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