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Postcard from Beijing - Issue One

Date: 16 September 2011
2010 IP Statistics - ChinaThis second half of 2011, I am spending three months in Beijing on a secondment with one of China’s leading intellectual property firms.

As a patent attorney, this is a very exciting time to be in China.  Just last year, more than 1,200,000 patent applications were filed in China.  The number of Chinese-originated International (PCT) filings also jumped significantly, making China the 4th largest PCT filer in the world just behind the US, Japan and Germany.  Considering the Chinese patent system is significantly younger than that of the developed world’s, China’s progress in intellectual property protection is quite remarkable.

The message is very clear: China is no longer content with its title as the world’s largest factory and is looking to be an innovator.  As part of its 12th five-year plan, China aims to move itself up the value chain and create a robust knowledge economy by 2020.  R&D spending will increase, as will the number of patent applications.  Former Prime Minister Mr Kevin Rudd calls this China 2.0.

During my time in China, I hope to experience first-hand how the Chinese patent system works, from application to enforcement.  Watch out for future postcards where I will be sharing my experience here.
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