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Single European Wide Patent talks deadlock

Date: 23 November 2010
Author: Eddie Walker
The most recent talks in Brussels to introduce a single pan-European patent regime were again blocked by Italy and Spain last week.
The proposal was that one patent would be issued for the 27 European nations in one of three official languages: English, German or French.  Both Italy and Spain are against the agreement as they want to see their languages recognised.
First pitched decades ago, the proposal was primarily to avoid the current process of potentially having to translate the patent into a range of languages.  In recent years, an agreement has been put in place between a number of countries to reduce this translation burden but costs can still be considerable if the patent is pursued in every available European country.
Under the present system, organisations can apply for a central European patent application by filing at the European Patent Office.  However, after grant the patent converts into a bundle of national patents, and if issues arise litigation must be pursued in each country individually.
Under the present system strategies can be adopted to maximise the value of your European patents so contact us if you would like further information.
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