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The complex field of antibodies...

Date: 28 September 2011
Author: Patrick McManamny, Jenny Petering
FB Rice partner Dr. Jenny Petering, and colleagues Dr. Patrick McManamny and Ms Jane Honeyman have published an article entitled: Antibody Therapeutics – The Evolving Patent Landscape, in the highly regarded journal, New Biotechnology.

As the New Biotechnology Editor, Mike Taussig explains “ [A]ntibodies and their therapeutic and diagnostic applications have… spawned the hugely complex field of antibody intellectual property. For many this is a potential minefield to be entered warily, and it is therefore particularly useful to have the scenario described clearly from the ground up by Jenny Petering and colleagues. As they point out, the landscape is continuously evolving, given that patents are time limited, and in the present context patents approved in the 1980s and 1990s are gradually losing their hold on the antibody field as they expire. Patenting is a subject where a clear head and an expert knowledge of the literature and its commercial practice are required. The article provides an excellent guide to this essential but often vexing part of the therapeutic antibody trail.”
The article is published in the current edition of New Biotechnology. If you would like details of the publication or a copy of the article for research purposes, please contact us at

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