Patent & Trade Mark


As India's position as a major trading partner for Australia has grown in recent years, so too has our knowledge and understanding of its intellectual property landscape.


For further information on filing in India, please contact Paul Whenman.

India became bound by the ‘Patent Cooperation Treaty’ (PCT) in December 1998. There are many considerations when looking at protecting intellectual property in India, not least the changing legislative landscape and cultural considerations. As a firm, we have the benefit of many years of navigating the IP landscape in India, as well as a solid network of key Associate firms there, built up over many years of cooperation.

Economic Overview

India and Australia have a strong and productive bilateral partnership. Underpinned by trade and investment, the scope of Australia’s relationship with India has increased in line with India’s rapid economic and strategic growth. Australia is India’s 10th largest trading partner and 5th largest export market.

Australian exports to India are on the rise, India is now Australia’s 4th biggest export market underlining the importance of India as a major export and investment destination for Australia. Australia’s leading merchandise exports include Coal, Gold, Copper Ore, Wool, Horticulture, etc. This makes India the fastest growing export market for Australia.

Australia offers all the services required to complement India’s economic rise in sectors like education, tourism, financial services and insurance and a host of other professional skills. Education is leading from the front as Australia is now the 2nd biggest overseas education destination for Indian students.

Bilateral Relations

India is at the forefront of Australia’s international partnerships, with a longstanding relationship dating back to pre-independence. Leaders of both countries regularly visit to ensure momentum is maintained in the relationship. While there is no formal bilateral development taking place, Australia supports India through aid investments and technical assistance.