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The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines is governed by the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines and the Philippines joined the ‘Patent Cooperation Treaty’ (PCT) in August 2001.

For further information on filing in the Philippines, please contact Charles Berman.

Economic Overview

The Philippines’ current presidential administration has committed to a program which has the potential to allow for better economic cooperation in trade and investment, if the reform is implemented.

The Philippine GDP has grown to US$299.3b in 2015 due to an increase in consumption domestically and through private investment growth, government spending, and improved exportation. Business Process Outsourcing is growing as a key driver of the Philippine economy in recent years.

Bilateral Relations

Australia and the Philippines have a close relationship in a wide range of areas including law enforcement, development and defence. Regular Philippines-Australia Ministerial Meetings (PAMM) take place to keen an open dialogue on these topics.

Charles Berman

Inspired by the journey an invention takes from inspiration to commercially viable product, Charles combined his engineering training with his interest in law and became a registered Australian and New Zealand Patent Attorney. As a Partner of FB Rice, Charles is the head of our Mining & Construction team and a member of our Medical Technology, CleanTech, Oil & Gas, and Registered Designs teams.

Clients rely on Charles as a trusted advisor to protect their interests thanks to his ability to gain a rapid, but deep, understanding of their invention and to place it in a business context to achieve a meaningful commercial outcome. He is recognised for his ability to effectively manage highly complex, multi-jurisdictional patent portfolios to and achieve commercially solid outcomes for his clients.

26 Feb 2018
ASEAN is a region of rapidly developing economies. For companies who wish to enter the Asian and ASEAN markets, whether for product manufacture or sales of products and services, the most effective strategy is to file key marks very early.

16 Sep 2017
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