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Singapore has an export-oriented economic policy encouraging trade and investment exchange.

For information on filing in Singapore, please contact John Landells.

Major Singaporean industries include:

  • electronics
  • financial services
  • oil drilling equipment 
  • petroleum refining
  • pharmaceutical manufacturing 
  • processed food & beverages
  • rubber products, and 
  • ship repair.

In recent years, industry has made a shift away from electronics manufacturing and exports and towards services, biotechnology, chemistry, and petrochemicals. This change has allowed Singapore to emerge as a leader in financial, trade and wealth management hotspot for the South East Asian region, as well as a global hub for transhipment, oil and gas refining, and currency and commodity trading.

John Landells
John Landells is a Partner in the FB Rice Melbourne Chemistry team. He has over 12 years’ experience in the patent attorney profession and has been involved in a practice largely comprised of local based innovators.
As a New Zealand citizen, he has a firm grasp on the New Zealand patent system, and has developed an interest in the Singaporean market in recent years.
26 Feb 2018
ASEAN is a region of rapidly developing economies. For companies who wish to enter the Asian and ASEAN markets, whether for product manufacture or sales of products and services, the most effective strategy is to file key marks very early.

16 Sep 2017
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