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Joanne Martin on Social Responsibility

Trade Marks Partner Joanne Martin provides her thoughts on social responsibility.


1.    How does working at FB Rice encourage you with community pursuits? I think that the values of FB Rice are the same as those that motivate those who do community work, work for the environment or work in the 'caring professions' such as teaching and social work. These values are a belief in human worth and the opportunity for betterment for everyone. Such values are reflected in the behaviours of our firm overall, as well as the specific charitable and community service activities supported by FB Rice. I believe that the firm's charitable and community contribution is also a recognition that a full day's work is not, of itself, sufficient to provide self respect and feed one's passions.

2.    What I’m passionate about: I believe that community caring and compassion is good for society, and improves the society we live in. I do not believe that we can rely on governments to alleviate social hardship.

I am inspired by community leaders such as Rev Bill Crews who runs the Exodus Foundation, and Tim Costello, whose lives are dedicated to helping those most vulnerable in our society, particularly children and youth.

3.    My favourite cause: For over 15 years I have participated as a committee member for a not for profit, community based child care centre called The Grace Child Care Centre. I appreciate the opportunity to 'give back' to the community and to be active in the public and community affairs. However, I know that I have received more than I have ever given, in the opportunity to meet and work with many different people. This has been a huge lesson in 'emotional IQ', and has enabled me to learn new skills associated with the child care industry, industrial relations, recruitment, HR, policy formulation and management skills, and I’ve also made close friends.

4.    A final thought: As time goes on, I realise that our work lives, our family life, our friendships and our community and social participation are not compartmentalised, but are closely integrated and connected in contributing to our overall happiness, energy and passion.