Patent & Trade Mark
Language Capability

Foreign Language Capability

At FB Rice, we employ attorneys and support staff from a wide array of backgrounds and nationalities.  This diversity brings with it in-house foreign language capability which allows us to better tailor our service offering to the specific needs of our clients.


Proficiency Level

Afrikaans Native/Bilingual
Arabic Limited Working Proficiency
Aramaic/Assyrian Limited Working Proficiency
Cantonese Native/Bilingual
Dutch Limited Working Proficiency
Farsi Limited Working Proficiency
French Professional Working Proficiency
German Native/Bilingual
Hebrew Native/Bilingual
Hindi Native/Bilingual
Indonesian Limited Working Proficiency
Italian Native/Bilingual
Japanese Professional Working Proficiency
Korean Native/Bilingual
Malay Full Working Proficiency
Mandarin Native/Bilingual
Polish Native/Bilingual
Punjabi Native/Bilingual
Russian Native/Bilingual
Spanish Native/Bilingual
Swedish Native/Bilingual
Tamil Native/Bilingual
Ukrainian Native/Bilingual


Our People
Senior Associate
David is a Senior Associate in the Engineering group of our Sydney office and holds a Bachelor of Science from Macquarie University, Sydney and a Masters in Industrial Property Law from the University of Technology, Sydney.
David is a registered Australian Patent and Trade Marks Attorney.