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Plant Breeder's Rights

Protection under the Plant Breeder's Rights Act 1994 (PBR Act) requires the provision of full details of the new variety to be protected and in addition the results of growing tests against the closest existing variety in Australia. Such tests can be carried out in Australia or overseas provided that it can be shown that the tests overseas are the equivalent of tests in Australia.
If you wish to file an application we are in a position to supply fully detailed information and the appropriate forms. The protection given under PBR is in respect of the specific cultivar described and includes fruit and propagating material. PBR in a plant variety includes all fungi and algae.

Domain Name Management

CPA Global - Domain Name Management - intelligent domain name management that makes your life easier.

Technology Transfer

As patent and trade marks attorneys we do not commercialise intellectual property or draft licences, but refer these services to other professionals. However, many clients have found our ability to provide an interface between technology and law useful in technology management and transfer.
Recent News & Publications
21 Apr 2017
In February 2017, the long awaited agreement between the Australian and New Zealand governments to standardize the regulation of the patent attorney profession came in to effect. Part of this process was the establishment of a Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Board and a review of the Attorneys’ Code of Conduct. The Board is now undertaking the review of the Code and must make any appropriate amendments by February 2018, based on industry consultation and comment. In addition, the Board will undertake a review of the Code’s conflict of interest provisions.

19 Apr 2017
FB Rice is excited to partner with the Royal Australian Chemical Institute for the Connecting Academia and Industry seminar on May 18.