Elmich, which operates with offices in Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the United States, recently gained international recognition in laying the foundation for a more sustainable ecosystem; a leading provider of state-of-the-art and ecologically-minded urban landscaping, drainage, and storm water management solutions.

About Elmich

After founding Elmich in 1985, Alan Lee went on to drive ecological sustainability in the creation of recycled plastic products such as storm-water tanks and pedestals for boardwalks, green walls and building roofs. Elmich is now a leading global provider of eco-friendly urban landscaping, waterproofing, drainage, green roofs and storm water management solutions.

The environmental benefits include urban greening, the reuse of rainwater, and minimising storm water runoff that contributes to erosion and the depositing of harmful sediments into water bodies. Last year, it saved 25,500 cubic metres of landfill space by recycling plastics that were designated as waste. His urban landscaping company takes the oft-vilified plastic and turns it into a credible eco-friendly solution.

As quoted by Alan Lee in The Peak Magazine:

“Recycled plastics are cheaper than virgin plastics,” he says of his choice of material. “More importantly, using recycled plastics saves a huge amount of energy and water, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which are consequences of manufacturing virgin plastics.”

Peak Power List 2018 for global green efforts

Alan Lee recently made the annual Peak Power List 2018; into its fifth year running this year The Peak Power List honoured ten local industry leaders at the forefront of global green efforts across various industries. These leaders have established successful businesses centred on supporting and furthering long-term ecological balance in sectors that include, but are not limited to, clean energy; low-carbon/non-polluting products; resource conservation; and green design/architecture.

2018 Enterprise 50 (E50) Awards recognition

Additionally, Elmich was one of 50 SMEs to be nominated for the 2018 E50 Awards; the annual awards are firmly established as a benchmark for excellence in today’s competitive business environment. There are approximately 200,000 SME’s in Singapore which make this a tremendous achievement. The awards are organised by The Business Times and KPMG with the selection committee members from Enterprise Singapore, Singapore Business Federation and Singapore Exchange.

What makes Elmich so successful?

Lee focuses on innovating existing offerings to stay ahead of the curve. The company spends 5 per cent of its turnover (with revenue of $18 million in 2016) on R&D and intellectual property expenses. To date, Elmich holds over 130 patents. Recently, the company developed a type of plastic Lee believes offers the highest level of fire-resistance among plastics.

“FB Rice and I have been working with Alan and Elmich since 2000. Throughout this time I’ve watched Elmich’s business and range of products grow and develop. It is an honour and a great pleasure to work for such an innovative thinker. Alan is constantly seeking to solve problems and remain ahead of his competition”. – Jeremy Dobbin, Partner, FB Rice
“Thank you [FB Rice] for your support in helping us achieve this honour!” – Alan Lee, Founder and Executive Chairman, Elmich