FB Rice is Australia’s most trusted intellectual property firm with offices across the country and an established presence across New Zealand and South-East Asia. Our independent status ensures we’re focused on your success.

Regardless of where we go, we’ll never forget where we’ve come from. That’s why we’re still following the path laid out by our founder, Frederick Bernhard Rice, who was inspired by our nation’s scientists and innovators and passionate about supporting them to protect their discoveries.

That remains the mission that drives us forward today.

We work with a diverse range of domestic and international clients including manufacturers, software companies, universities, hospitals, co-operative research centres and research institutes.

Being a fully independent firm empowers us to deliver advice that is purely in our clients' best interest, devoid of external influences or pressures. We deeply value this independence, ensuring our client relationships are built on genuine trust, understanding, and a tailored approach that caters to each client's unique needs.

Our approach combines unparalleled technical expertise with integrity and a determination to help clients achieve their goals. That has seen us win 15 Australian Client Choice Awards, including being named Best Specialist IP Firm seven years running, Best Client Experience Firm for Specialist IP since 2021, and Most Innovative Specialist IP & Related Services Firm since 2022.

At FB Rice, we champion innovation and create value.

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We cultivate an inclusive environment that extends from our employees to our clients. We do this by recruiting the best people; that is technical experts with excellent communication skills. The result is a superior service, with thoughtful, reliable and responsive professionals who optimise IP strategies for our clients.
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From Managing Partner Brett Lunn

“At FB Rice, we often see that the successful protection and exploitation of intellectual property (IP) rights, arising from clever innovation, is critical to its commercial adoption and the success of our clients’ businesses. And so our mission is to inspire our attorneys and staff to best serve our clients as they navigate what can be the complex world of IP.

Our clients come from a broad range of enterprises from start-ups through to global corporations. However, one thing that all of our clients have in common is that they value our ability to extend our advice beyond a pure IP focus to a more strategic, commercial level.

Unlike an increasing number of its long-standing competitors in the Australian market, the partners of FB Rice are also committed to seeing the business remain wholly owned by the partners of the firm. FB Rice is not a subsidiary of an entity that is listed on the stock market and which also owns other brands offering IP Attorney services, and also does not have external shareholders with no knowledge of our industry. Our key areas of focus are our culture and to develop a business that is a great place to work and which provides the best patent and trade mark services in Australia to our clients, with both of these goals unimpeded by the expectations and demands of external shareholders. We believe these areas of focus have never been more important.

The Partners of FB Rice are committed to providing a superior service while always upholding the highest standards of business ethics and integrity. We look forward to working with you, whatever your intellectual property needs may be.”

Winning streak at the Client Choice Awards 2024

As we celebrate our achievements, we are motivated to continue innovating, striving for excellence, and reinforcing our commitment to delivering superior service and solutions.
Having received the highest overall client service scores in three categories, FB Rice was awarded Best Specialist IP and Related Services Firm’, 'Best CX Firm: Specialist IP & Related Services', and 'Most Innovative Specialist IP & Related Services Firm' at the Client Choice Awards 2024.
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