Brett Lunn is serving as President in conjunction with an executive group including Christopher Agrawal (US) as Vice-President, Lynn Jordan (US) as Treasurer, and Carlos Olarte (Columbia) as Secretary.

Brett is a keen advocate of the importance of innovation, and the often-crucial role IP plays in encouraging innovation. He has been involved with this leading international association since 2006. He was elected as a Board Member in 2012, and in 2016 became Vice-President, before his appointment as President in 2018.

Brett, in his role of Managing Partner (MP) of FB Rice, has led that firm since 2009 through a significant period of growth in what has been has been a time of massive change in the practice of patent attorney firms in Australia and NZ. He sees his MP role as resonating strongly with the AIPF mission which is “dedicated to supporting the unique needs of the IP boutique to better serve clients by providing resources and a forum for international collaboration.”

“It’s an honour to be re-appointed and I am looking forward to working with the new Executive and Board in the year ahead. As a member of this global alliance of independent IP firms it provides a platform where we can share insights, and keep up with the latest developments to better optimise IP strategies for our clients.” – Brett Lunn

For further information regarding AIPF and its new Board of Directors, see their website here.