Dae-Woong Oh, a qualified Korean Patent Attorney, has been published on etnews.com, a Korean electronic/ICT industry specialised online news outlet.

The article, ‘Innovation patents in Australia’, written in Korean, looks at the key differences between Australian innovation patents and Korean utility models, as well as advantages of using the Innovation patent system.

A short translated summary is below:

  • Innovation patent requires an innovative step which has a lower threshold compared to an inventive step required for Standard patent.
  • Innovation patent is similar as Korean utility model but different in that its subject matter for protection is much broader than that of Korean utility model and it is granted within 1 month after formality check.
  • Although it has a short protection period of 8 years and maximum 5 claims are allowed, it is useful for protecting inventions that have a short commercial life or that offer comparatively small advances over existing technology.

Click here for the full article in Korean.