FB Rice is pleased to announce the addition of a new R&D Tax and Incentives group to its business. FB Rice R&D Tax Consulting will assist organisations with maximising the tax benefits associated with their eligible Research and Development activities.

The R&D Tax Consulting group will initially consist of Kate Mahady and Cleo de la Harpe, with plans to grow the group in the near future. Both Kate and Cleo have many years' experience in R&D Tax Consulting in 'Big 4' chartered accounting firms and are specialists in the area. Kate’s technical background lies in in optical physics, having worked for the Defence Science and Technology Organisation and a Silicon Valley based telecommunications start up company. Cleo brings firsthand experience in R&D tax from her previous roles in chartered accounting firms and the Australian Tax Office.

Managing Partner Brett Lunn is excited about the future of the R&D Tax Consulting group: “FB Rice has a long and strong tradition of assisting Australian entities with their patent, trade mark and IP strategy needs. The R&D Tax Incentive is relevant to many of these existing clients, and hence FB Rice sees a strong synergy between our existing service offerings and our new R&D Tax Consulting group”.

For further information, please contact:

Kate Mahady, Director, FB Rice R&D Tax Consulting