At FB Rice our mission is to inspire our attorneys and staff to best serve our clients as they navigate what can be the complex world of IP. We recognise the importance of career development, and performance recognition.

In late 2020, we implemented a career progression framework that includes a Leadership Development Program. The focus of this initiative is to ensure our attorneys, across all levels, are presented with growth opportunities, so that they can build on the skills and capabilities needed to progress up to a leadership level, while also helping to improve the overall client experience. After the completion of this Leadership Development Program and an assessment process, FB Rice is delighted to announce the appointment of seven new partners.

“This is exciting news for FB Rice. Along with the three internal promotions previously announced, and a new recruit in Perth, this announcement demonstrates to all of our clients and the market something we already knew, namely that we have an incredible team with excellent experience and expertise. In the current time of uncertainty and change, these promotions also demonstrate the strong position of the overall firm. I am very proud of our entire team and how everyone continues to deliver a superior service to our clients, whilst managing the uncertainties of the current climate.”

- Brett Lunn, Managing Partner.

New partners July 2021

We welcome the following additions to the partnership, effective 1 July 2021 across our Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane offices.


Andrea Ruhrmann | Engineering
Charles Yip
| Computing and Electronics
John Hogan
| Engineering


Cameron Smith | Biotechnology
Kate Mahady
| R&D Tax Incentives


Declan McKeveney | Chemistry
Manuel Schmidt
| Computing and Electronics

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