While all businesses have been adapting to an agile working environment, at FB Rice we’ve become accustomed to this and are happy to support the continuation of working within this space. It has been a real positive to see our team uphold the superior service to our clients, as they navigate what can be the complex world of IP.

At FB Rice, we have always focussed on recruiting the best people, and supporting them within their role with the appropriate training, and mentorship. We offer career progression paths and an environment in which they can thrive and have long, satisfying careers. The following promotions recognise those seeking to take on increased responsibilities and who are dedicated to developing in their area of expertise to provide the best client experience.

July 2021 Promotions

Congratulations to Corrine Porter who has been promoted to Senior Associate, and Ingrid Jafari who has been elevated to Associate.

Corrine Porter | Senior Associate | Melbourne

With a background in both chemistry and biotechnology and close to ten years’ research experience, Corrine provides a unique skill set and perspective that delivers outstanding outcomes for her clients. Having been with the firm since January 2016, her experience spans prosecution, drafting and strategic advisory services including infringement, validity and patent opposition for local, and international clients in this space. In 2015, Corrine earned a Master of Laws (Juris Doctor) from Monash University and received three top subject student awards, including the Raymond Hind Prize for Patents for Inventions.

“I’m thrilled to receive this promotion. I look forward to continuing to support my clients by providing tailored IP and technical advice and helping them bring their innovations to life”.

Ingrid Jafari | Associate | Sydney

In August 2014, Ingrid started her career at the firm as a trainee patent attorney in our Sydney computing and electronics team. Ingrid has a strong background in signal processing, statistical mathematics, electronic circuits and communication systems. Ingrid completed her Bachelor of Electrical/Electronic Engineering (Hons I) at The University of Western Australia, as well as her PhD in the field of speech signal information processing. Ingrid also studied at Purdue University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department and conducted research for Nippon Telephone and Telegraph Corporation in Kyoto, Japan alongside world leaders in the Communication Science Laboratories.

“I’m delighted to receive this recognition. I look forward to gaining further insights, and providing the best service to my clients.”

FB Rice’s growth throughout 2021

Our rapid expansion this year has led to new roles opening up, across all our offices. We’ve recently recruited a senior overseas patent attorney Dan Holt, who will be joining our Perth office upon his arrival from Hong Kong in late September.

“FB Rice has a wide range of technical and industry IP specialists and we wish to acknowledge all our attorneys, and our incredible administrative staff for their work over the past 6 months. Thank you for your significant contributions across the firm. It is by living the firm’s values that has allowed us to deliver an unrivalled service and this success has led to a growth in our team nationally”.

- Brett Lunn, Managing Partner
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