At FB Rice we choose to challenge gender stereotypes. We seek continuous improvement through our gender equity plan, which is constantly updated to reflect our progress and learnings.

While International Women’s Day is important in highlighting gender-based diversity and inclusion issues, we choose to challenge gender stereotypes every day. Our Inclusion and Diversity Committee (IDC), led by Madeleine Kelly and Steve Gledhill, is integral to creating the frameworks to support gender diversity and equality firm-wide. We are focused on removing unconscious bias, with training plans in place to recognise and remove such biases.

“We pledge to continue to support a greater gender balance in the workplace and strive to recognise and promote the achievements of women.”

At FB Rice we call out unconscious bias when we see it. We have training plans in place for our team members to recognise it, and remove their own biases.

“We pledge to challenge gender biases by asking “would we feel the same way if they were instead a man/woman?””

We pride ourselves on our inclusive and diverse culture. AT FB Rice we value team work, collaboration and work-life balance – because of this we have introduced a flexibility framework we call Agile@FBRice.

“We pledge to provide all team members with assistance in achieving their optimum balance.”

Inclusion and diversity are the key principles of gender equity. Our Inclusion & Diversity Committee (IDC) strives to challenge gender inequity by developing frameworks that support reflection and growth, and engage in discussions surrounding gender equality at all levels of the business.

Our core “CHAT” values underpin everything we do; we choose to Continuously Grow, Help others, be Approachable and work as a Team. These values support our commitment to a gender balanced world.

“We pledge to be conscious, inclusive and self-reflective in all our endeavours.”

We stand with the UN theme on International Women’s Day 2021, we encourage women to pursue leadership opportunities and to celebrate each other’s successes. We acknowledge that words have power, and we will choose words that uplift and encourage women.

“We pledge to continually strive to develop better pathways and opportunities for women to lead.”

As a team, we #ChooseToChallenge! Here are some of our staff pledges in support of International Women's Day 2021:


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