“At the firm’s 70th anniversary celebrations last year I said that to continue to succeed we needed to be willing and able to adapt in a world of constant change,” said Brett Lunn, Managing Partner, FB Rice.
“The world was put to the test more than we could have imagined and I have been humbled by the manner in which the team at FB Rice has taken on this challenge more than anyone could have ever anticipated.
“Due to the team’s hard work FB Rice has not only survived 2020 but come through it better and stronger for the experience. The commitment of our team has enabled us to provide a consistent superior service to our clients.
“I am therefore proud to announce the promotion of four of our up and coming leaders who uphold the values of FB Rice and provide our clients and associates with award-winning service and expertise,” finished Mr Lunn.

2021 promotions

Congratulations to Prue Cowin and Sarah Glasson who have been promoted to Senior Associate, and Melissa Erce who has been elevated to Associate. We also acknowledge and thank all our attorneys and support staff who have made such a significant contribution across the firm in 2020.

  • Highly talented patent attorney, Prue Cowin joined the firm in July 2013 after having undertaken a PhD at the Monash Institute of Medical Research (now Hudson Institute). Prue has an established practice and specialises in the area of biopharmaceuticals (including antibodies), their use and methods for their manufacture.
  • With a PhD in chemical engineering from The University of Melbourne, Sarah Glasson is integral to the ongoing success of the Sydney engineering team. Joining the firm in July 2013, Sarah has strong credibility across a wide range of technologies, including agtech and food science, medical technology, automation, robotics and aerospace.
  • In November 2017, Melissa Erce joined FB Rice with extensive research experience, having been awarded a PhD in biochemistry and molecular genetics from the University of New South Wales and being seconded to one of Australia’s leading research agencies. This experience coupled with her work in the fields of biotechnology, biochemistry and pharmaceuticals, affords Melissa a unique perspective when understanding her clients’ needs.