Rachel Hooke discusses the key messages discussed at the recent UTS: Engage session on Health Futures, can we afford to live?
Rachel Hooke, Partner and Head of Medical Technology, attended the UTS: Engage session on Health Futures, can we afford to live? on Thursday 8th September.
The line-up of prominent speakers had a number of key messages, including that:
  • With silver bullets few and far between, we should look at a shift in focus to preventative medicine. With foresight and innovation in the area of preventative medicine, the gap between good quality healthcare and funding should be significantly reduced.
  • At present, only 2% of the research budget in Australia is in preventative health.
  • A good example of prevention was provided by a collaboration between the Australian company Cochlear Limited and UTS. Through collaborative research and development, the architectural design of a cochlear implant coil was modified to reduce the incidence of microbial biofilm formation. The incidence of infection leading to removal of the implant was significantly reduced by such a preventative step.
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If you would like to discuss any issues in the Medical Technology area, please contact Rachel on rhooke@fbrice.com.au