Shauna French has broad experience across multiple scientific disciplines and expertise in developing novel biotherapies. Her passion for translating research into commercial applications has led to several first-author publications and competitive funding awards. She was recently awarded the esteemed Edward Waters Prize by IPTA, highlighting her significant potential in the IP profession.

With a flourishing career in both science and IP, Shauna shares her insights and experiences.


Collaboration with industry partners that support women in STEM

At FB Rice, we support women throughout their careers, especially those transitioning from education to industry — from teaching and mentoring roles to supporting underrepresented groups. Our collaboration with industry organisations and accelerator programs underscores our commitment to advancing greater female representation in STEM fields. We aim to foster diversity of thought, which is crucial for driving more sophisticated and groundbreaking innovations.

Some of the initiatives we support include the Australian Academy for Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE)'s Elevate program. This $41.2 million initiative aims to empower women in STEM and particularly welcomes applications from individuals who identify as members of other minority and disadvantaged groups. Beyond financial assistance, the program strives to rectify gender disparities in STEM by cultivating more women-led collaborations between industry and academia in applied research and business, enhancing the professional skills of women in STEM, and propelling them into leadership roles.

We are also affiliated with ATSE’s mentoring and professional development initiative, IMNIS, which prepares emerging STEM leaders to excel in the STEM ecosystem. This involvement supports PhD students and early to mid-career researchers in broadening their industry understanding, recognising the requisite skills for success, exploring diverse career pathways, and expanding their professional networks.