On the 26th April we celebrate World IP Day, and this year’s theme being ‘IP and SMEs: Taking your ideas to market’. A theme that highlights the critical role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the economy and how they can use IP rights to build stronger, more competitive and resilient businesses.

Small to medium enterprises are key to Australia’s innovation pipeline and we’re fortunate to work with many of these organisations to commercialise and protect their IP, in turn benefiting the wider community. We get to witness some pretty incredible things.

At FB Rice, our key purpose is to provide the expertise and support to bring these innovations to life. Below is a selection of some of our most popular, and educational IP related insights and resources that may assist with those looking to do just that.

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Innocent infringement - is ignorance really bliss?

A patent infringement case study
Anyone seeking to commercialise a product in Australia faces the seemingly impossible task of determining whether they are likely to infringe anyone else’s patent rights.
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Who owns CRISPR-Cas9? Nobel Prize in Chemistry stokes patent dispute

A patents ownership case study
Brittany Howard examines the ongoing intellectual property ownership dispute over the CRISPR-Cas9 technology which has recently been refuelled by the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020.
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Who is eligible to file a trade mark application? And the consequences of getting it wrong!

A trade marks case study
To obtain registered trade mark rights the applicant must meet the ownership requirements set out under the Trade Marks Act 1995 Australia at the time of filing. The question of who is the rightful owner of a trade mark and entitled to file an application for registration is a key one...
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The importance of IP due diligence

Learn how IP due diligence can benefit your business
Intellectual property is often one of the company’s most important assets. Whilst the strength of that IP can determine the value of a corporate transaction, third party IP rights may also significantly impact on a company’s freedom to operate, and consequently its value.
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How to be compliant in the R&D Tax Incentive

The need for documentation under a self-assessed tax program
From 1 July 2021, the increased benefit under the R&D Tax Incentive, as announced in the Federal Budget, may see more businesses registering their activities and wanting to protect their R&D tax claim.
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New auDA rules – Impact of changes to eligibility requirements for .au domain names

An overview of the new auDa rules with domain names
A new set of rules were recently announced for the licensing and administration of .au domain names. Diana Bogunovic examines the changes to the eligibility requirements and how they could affect your business.
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Sweet escape for would-be copyright infringers: Copyright found not to subsist in State of Escape tote bag

A case study discussing the risks of relying on copyright protection alone
State of Escape is an Australian company that primarily designs and produces handbags and tote bags. State of Escape accused another Australian bag and accessory company of copyright infringement of one of State of Escape’s products - a perforated neoprene tote bag called the “Escape Bag”.
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Managing intellectual property risk - IP protection, litigation and insurance

The webinar below explores a range of different options for each step of your IP risk reduction, including: The different types of IP rights and how to obtain them; Freedom to Operate issues and pitfalls; The litigation process, duration and possible outcomes; IP insurance products and decision-making; How litigation and insurance work together; Costs involved in all of the above.


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