Improve your memory, quickly!

At FB Rice we believe a good memory is an essential ingredient for personal and professional success.

We have partnered with memory expert Chris Lyons from Gloo, who will present this fun and practical masterclass on how to improve your memory.

In this interactive, fast-paced session, you'll unlock the door to a better memory and learn that you can actually remember much more than you think. You'll also learn a simple three-step process for remembering people's names.

Meet Chris Lyons

An experienced trainer and facilitator, Chris worked for over 10 years in senior management roles leading the marketing teams for several large UK and Australian companies before starting to design and deliver memory and speed reading programs in 2004.


In 2006 Chris doubled the Australian Memory Record by reciting Pi to 4,400 places and in 2008 memorised 46 people's names in five minutes to win the Names event at the Australian Memory Championships.

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