While FB Rice is not large enough to meet the requirements to be a “reporting entity” and so is not subject to Federal Government and state government Acts regarding Modern Slavery, as an organisation we are committed to doing everything we can to help eliminate modern slavery in our community and to comply with the spirit and requirements of both Acts. Eliminating modern slavery is aligned to our values and culture through empowering others and helping them to achieve.

In response, FB Rice has formed a Modern Slavery Taskforce to review all of our business activities, those we do business with and how our commercial relationships are formed and maintained. It is a requirement of our firm that when we engage a new supplier of goods or services that the supplier formally commits to best practice with regards to modern slavery.

The partners of FB Rice are united in their desire to support actions that help remove modern slavery from the world and to ensure that FB Rice does not support or condone modern slavery, in any shape or form. For more details on our Modern Slavery Statement please contact the office of the Chief Operating Officer.