Striving for positive change

“Being a member of the Inclusion and Diversity Committee is an incredibly rewarding experience. During the time I've spent on the committee, we’ve been able to make positive changes to the culture of the firm and its inclusivity. I’m proud and fortunate to work for an employer where someone can bring their whole self to work.”
Jeff Clancy-Smith, Senior Accountant - Accounts Team, Brisbane

Gender equality and equity is a key priority at FB Rice

At FB Rice we are continuously striving for gender equality at all levels within the firm, and collectively as a team looking at what we can do to embrace gender equity.
WGEA named FB Rice an 'Employer of Choice for Gender Equality' citation holder for 2021-23, demonstrating our leadership in the area of diversity, and affirming the meaningful steps we are taking to drive positive change. A snapshot including some of our key initiatives and policies surrounding gender equality and equity are captured in an infographic.
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Diversity encourages thought

We are continually striving to empower our people by recognising and embracing their differences, be it gender, nationality, culture, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, life stage, socioeconomic status, religion, and educational and professional background.
In recognising these differences, we provide our people with support and access to specialised resources throughout their career progression. Watch our video showcasing some of our great people discussing their views on gender balance, and the importance of this at FB Rice.

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