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Jacqueline Warner – Special Counsel
Jacqueline is Special Counsel at our Sydney office in the Chemistry team. Her doctorate involved research on biosynthetic models for the formation of naturally occurring anti-malarial and prostaglandin-like compounds.
Full Bio
She later held a position as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the Organic Chemistry department at Cambridge University, England; her research directed toward the synthesis of mannosidase inhibitors for use in enzyme purification.
Jacqueline joined FB Rice in 1995, completed a Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney in 1996 and qualified as a patent attorney in 2000. Jacqueline is a Special Counsel of the firm and works in all areas of chemical patents.
Jacqueline is located in our Sydney office and is a registered Australian Patent Attorney.
Education & Industry Expertise


  • Honours degree in Science from the University of Sydney, majoring in organic chemistry
  • PhD University of Sydney
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies at the University of Technology

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Chemistry, including organic, inorganic and polymer
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Animal care products
  • Water technologies
  • Consumer products
  • Pest control
  • Food technologies

Industry Focus

Professional Affiliations