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Our People

FB Rice's reputation has been built on the legacy created by our people for over sixty years. Our clients tell us that other firms find it hard to match the range of solutions we provide or the talent, experience and dedication of our people.
We deliver expertise and solutions across the broad intellectual property spectrum. We work with clients to develop solutions which address global and country-specific challenges and opportunities.
At FB Rice, we pride ourselves on the quality of our people.  We also recognise that diversity is a strength and that we are a better firm for having people with different ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation and backgrounds. We consider such diversity an important part of creating a workplace reflective of modern society. 
What our clients say

“Esteemed boutique FB Rice is a hit among technology owners with global horizons, thanks to its international sensibilities and holistic approach to intellectual property. Preparation and prosecution is the set’s bread and butter; it crafts watertight patents that maximise competitive edge and minimise future threats. Oppositions are another forte. The firm has the talent to operate confidently in any discipline, though it shines with special lustre in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology areas.”

Intellectual Asset Management, 2015 IAM Patent 1000