“Market commentators observe that it offers "absolutely terrific advice and strategic thinking". In addition MIP mentions “FB Rice is one of the leading firms for prosecution work.” A client says the firm's trade mark team "responds quickly" to enquiries.” A client also adds: "FB Rice have consistently provided expert advice while controlling costs." - MIP IP STARS, 2018.
In addition to checking the boxes for the traditional metrics of service quality such as reliability, technical excellence and fast responsiveness, FB Rice is leading the industry by a long shot in championing modern workplaces that make clients long for more. In the words of one patron: “One great thing about working with FB Rice is that it demonstrates values in line with ours, things like supporting diversity, a healthy work-life balance and a genuine, human connection and the ability to think outside the confines of the traditional firm.” These incredible achievements can be attributed to managing partner Brett Lunn’s vision for the company. Having moved into a mostly advisory capacity, he continues to provide input into corporates’ strategy formulation and execution. Madeleine Kelly, Connie Merlino, Jenny Petering, Karin Innes and Rachel Hooke represent the outfit’s robust female leadership. “Kelly meets the requirements expected of an external counsel – she is an excellent communicator with the client’s patent attorneys as well as her own technical team – managing cases without a hitch.” Kelly is an expert on computing, telecommunications, electronics and medical device-related inventions, while partner Merlino belongs to the Sydney ICT team and is one of the lead attorneys serving the famous Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Ian Rourke is another FB Rice CSIRO team member, who ensures that Genetic Technologies’ IP portfolio develops in tandem with the overall company objectives. Hailing from the Melbourne biotech team, Petering is a fan favourite of universities, hospitals, cooperative research centres and research institutes, as well as corporates large and small. As Petering’s junior, sources say that Innes “never disappoints clients by providing a consistently high-level service, navigating complex technical and legal issues through proceedings using her clear, practical and timely communication skills and deep understanding of commercial issues”. Hooke leads both the medical technology and China business teams; medical devices companies and hospitals look to her for excellent, strategic advice on domestic and global IP strategies. Chemistry maven John Landells has a stellar track record for winning patent oppositions. Meanwhile, registered designs team leader Jeremy Dobbin is a familiar face representing FB Rice at international conferences and conventions. - IAM, 2020.
Client feedback showed that, “FB Rice attorneys are knowledgeable, accessible and go out of their way to understand clients’ businesses and attitudes towards intellectual property. The firm provides a superior level of service at attractive price points and, very importantly, its independence is conducive to meeting long-term visions and goals for clients.” - IAM, 2019
IAM Patent 1000 stated: “A culture of excellence and reliability” is apparent in every instruction handled by FB Rice, “a top-notch patent attorney firm that tackles the most challenging domestic and international briefs for an enormous client base. Without ever breaking a sweat, the troop forecasts and plugs any gaps that may emerge when securing rights; its attorneys cooperate with third parties and take an essential role in developing commercial IP strategy”. - IAM, 2018