At Nutri V, innovation is more than just a buzzword—it's a commitment to real change. Their dedication to sustainable practices has earned them multiple awards in the sustainability space.

Our team was involved in the patent protection process for their recently launched vegetable powders, which are now a fixture in Coles stores across Victoria and are set to reach more Australians as they expand nationwide.

Join us in this video as we dive into the inspiring story of Nutri V.


Nutri V's vegetable powders

Made from 100% imperfect Australian vegetables, their innovative vegetable powders are designed to help Australians increase their vegetable intake and combat food waste. These nutrient-dense, fiber-rich powders are an easy way to boost vegetable consumption and can be added to almost any recipe, smoothie, or dough mix.

Learn more about Nutri V's product line and sustainable practices, and explore their recipe collection that utilises their vegetable powders.

World IP Day

On Friday, April 26, we celebrate World IP Day 2024, hosted by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). It is a day dedicated to the power of innovation and creativity, and the role of IP. This year’s theme aims to explore how IP encourages creative solutions that are so crucial to forging a sustainable future.