We are thrilled to announce that FB Rice has been recognised as the ‘Best Specialist IP and Related Services Firm’ for the seventh consecutive year. Additionally, our dedication to client experience and innovation has been further validated by winning 'Best CX Firm: Specialist IP & Related Services' and 'Most Innovative Specialist IP & Related Services Firm.'

Unique in its dedication to valuing clients' voices above all, the Client Choice Awards have once again highlighted our firm's commitment to excellence in client experience, as meticulously and independently researched by Beaton. Our victories this year are particularly meaningful as they highlight the continuous trust and satisfaction of our clients in an ever-evolving market.

Reflecting on our client-centred success

Our firm's continued success, culminating in this year's awards, reflects our continuous pursuit of excellence in client experience — to not only meet but exceed client expectations. 2024 marks the eighth year in a row we have won at the Client Choice Awards, having received the Best Specialist IP and Related Services Firm award consecutively for the last seven years, and the 'Niche Firm Leader' award prior to this. We are incredibly proud to win across three award categories for the past three years, bringing our total to 15 awards to date. This continued recognition confirms our position as industry leaders and innovators, committed to excellence in every client interaction.

The importance of client feedback

Our clients' satisfaction is the true measure of our success. As we celebrate our achievements at the 2024 Client Choice Awards, we extend our deepest gratitude to our clients for their trust, feedback, and unwavering support. This recognition reaffirms our commitment to excellence and drives us to continue enhancing our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

We look forward to building on this success, inspired by the feedback that has guided our journey thus far. Our clients’ continued support and feedback not only fuel our success at awards like these but shape our path forward, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of delivering optimal client experiences.

About the Client Choice Awards

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Client Choice Awards stand as a beacon of excellence in the professional services industry. The awards shine a spotlight on firms that prioritise and excel in client experience. An incredible 250 firms from across Australia and New Zealand entered, and more than 16,000 individual client ratings were submitted to Beaton for the judging process.


Client Choice Awards 2024