We are delighted to announce that we have received an impressive Gold Tier Ranking for Patent Prosecution in Australia as recognised by the esteemed IAM Patent 1000 2023.

At FB Rice, we take great pride in our exceptional blend of technical expertise and client experience. We are pleased to see our unique approach has led us to secure top rankings by IAM Patent 1000 year after year.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to share that eleven of our partners have been listed on IAM Patent 1000's Recommended list for Patent Prosecution 2023. We extend our warmest congratulations to Ian Rourke for being Highly Recommended; and to Brett Lunn, Jenny Petering, John Landells, Patrick McManamny, Karin Innes, Steve Gledhill, Rachel Hooke, Madeleine Kelly, Jeremy Dobbin and Connie Merlino for being Recommended.

FB Rice and our team of leaders received the following commendation by IAM Patent 1000 2023:

"The venerable FB Rice has positioned itself at the heart of industry and innovation, dispensing sophisticated prosecution counsel and patent strategy across areas of biotechnology, chemistry, physics, materials science, computer and electrical sciences, engineering and medical devices. With more than 60 very talented patent attorneys boasting scientific qualifications, the team can easily parse the most technically challenging matters. Much of the outfit’s success can be attributed to managing partner Brett Lunn, who has now shifted his focus towards advisory work in the corporate space. Biochemistry PhD Ian Rourke amazes patrons with his ability to “quickly scope the invention into claims that are of commercial value and to then have the futuristic longer-term focus”. Leading Australian biotech specialist Jenny Petering has made a name for herself in the biotechnology sphere, thanks to her top-class strategic portfolio management. John Landells draws upon his PhD in chemistry to devise smart strategic prosecution programmes across the Trans-Tasman region. One keen patron commented: “His ability to grasp novel technical concepts and effectively communicate with experts in the field is to be applauded.” Melbourne-based Patrick McManamny regularly counsels biotech companies in relation to filing and management of international patent portfolios, freedom-to-operate issues, patentability and due diligence. Previously spending time on secondment to a multinational pharmaceutical company, Karin Innes has proved to be an invaluable asset to the practice when it comes to advising clients on patent strategy, patentability and infringement. Life sciences group leader Steve Gledhill draws upon his significant UK and EU experience to provide 360-degree patent protection for his discerning following. With over 20 years in the patent space, Rachel Hooke steers the medical technology and China teams with a steady hand, while acting as co-leader of the engineering team. Next to her in the engineering group is Madeleine Kelly, who has earned high praise from her institutional clients: “Madeleine has very strong technical skills coupled with expansive legal knowledge across multiple jurisdictions. She is able to provide pragmatic and actionable advice in a succinct manner. She works well with all inventors, and is able to convey complex legal concepts for them in an easy-to-understand manner. Additionally, she readily understands complex technical inventions and can distil these into comprehensive patent specifications.” Spearheading the registered design team in Sydney is Jeremy Dobbin, who specialises in patents and designs in the mechanical and electro-mechanical engineering fields. Known for her ability to quickly comprehend high-level mathematics and with extensive experience in application software, Connie Merlino captains the outfit’s computing and electronics team."

- IAM Patent 1000 2023

We express our gratitude to our clients for their invaluable participation in IAM's comprehensive research analysis, and the incredible team at FB Rice for upholding superior client service which has been instrumental in our success. As we continue to raise the bar in patent prosecution excellence, we look forward to delivering an exceptional experience to our clients.