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Sylvan Browne
Sylvan Browne

Level 14, 90 Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000 AUSTRALIA
Tel +61 3 8618 4117
Fax +61 3 8618 4199
Sylvan Browne has a reputation as a particularly personable professional who works hard to develop a deep understanding of his clients’ businesses and the way they operate, and to express complex intellectual property issues in simple terms. More importantly, Sylvan has the ability to really hear what his clients are saying about their needs and adapt his response to each of their unique circumstances. This leads to deep and enduring relationships with his clients, relationships that strengthen over time and endure through the ever changing patent landscape.
With this singular client focus and extensive patent experience, Sylvan is often called upon to advise in matters which are both legally and technically complex and those concerning questionably patentable subject matter.  Sylvan also has an understanding of various neighbouring legal concepts that affect intellectual property, which allows him to provide enhanced commercially relevant advice to his clients. Sylvan avoids a pro-forma approach to his clients’ IP issues, instead treating every matter according to its requirements. Feedback from his clients suggests that they truly value this dedication to their individual needs.
Sylvan leads the Engineering practice of FB Rice and specialises in patents and designs, with an emphasis on drafting and prosecution in a range of electrical, software, medical, bioinformatics and mechanical technologies.  He also advises clients on developing patent strategies to suit their commercial objectives, with a specific focus on patent protection in the North American, European and Asian markets. In recent years, Sylvan has developed a particularly detailed understanding of the IP landscape in Korea and travels there regularly.
Sylvan worked with a prominent IP firm in Canada for four years, where he practiced as a patent agent representing clients before the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and the US Patent and Trade Mark Office. Sylvan remains a registered United States Patent Agent. During Sylvan’s time practicing in North America, he gained significant experience drafting and prosecuting US, Canadian and European patents for sophisticated technology companies, including a prominent wireless email device company. Thus he can offer advice and guidance to companies seeking to protect their IP in those countries.
Sylvan has a keen interest in foreign economic and cultural environments, seeking to understand global economic development in order to advise his clients on international development. He is also  interested to develop his knowledge of the Japanese, French and Spanish languages.
Sylvan is a registered Australian Patent Attorney.
  • Bachelor of Laws, Deakin University
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical), (Honours), University of Melbourne
  • Diploma of Intellectual Property Practice, IPTA
  • Registered United States Patent Agent
  • Registered New Zealand Patent Attorney
Key Areas of Expertise
  • Computer systems
  • Wireless email devices
  • Encryption/decryption software and hardware
  • Electrical and electronic circuits and devices
  • Medical devices
  • Bionics, including neural interfaces
  • Power regulation systems
  • Packaging systems and materials
  • Fluid and materials handling and processing systems
Industry Focus
Professional Affiliations
  • Fellow, Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia
  • Member Intellectual Property Institute of Canada