Inventions in the computer and electrical sciences sector are fast paced, with innovation often working to a minimum viable product. We understand the particular complexities our clients face, such as the cross-over to other industry areas for application of the technology and importantly the challenges faced in obtaining protection for computer related inventions, particularly for software inventions. We work with our clients to navigate the complex area of intellectual property protection for these unique inventions to best support commercialisation that is often unpredictable but must be achieved swiftly.

Our computer and electrical sciences team has worked across both private and public sectors to develop a range of experience in this field that is difficult to match. Our team also have extensive experience supporting businesses at start-up stage. More and more clients have interdisciplinary teams and we provide clear communication between different disciplines and ways of thinking.

We have worked with clients in all computer and electrical technologies, including electronics, software optimisation, information and data handling systems, quantum computing, blockchain, encryption and security designs, memory management, financial systems, machine learning/AI, bioinformatics and all communications technologies including optical and wireless.

Our team have key areas of expertise in the following industries:

  • automation, robotics and aerospace
  • bioinformatics
  • biotechnology
  • cleantech
  • manufacturing, resources and infrastructure
  • mechanical engineering
  • medical technology
  • mining, oil and gas
  • nanotechnology
  • physics
  • software and communications.

Meet our computer and electrical sciences team

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Connie Merlino


  • Sydney ,
  • Perth
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Sylvan Browne


  • Melbourne
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Madeleine Kelly


  • Melbourne

How we can support you

Clients value our ability to understand both the technology they deal with, as well as the commercial imperatives under which they operate. This allows us to optimise IP strategies for you in relation to:
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