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Recent Publications
07 Jun 2018
The Australian innovation patent has been granted a second chance, with the recently introduced Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Productivity Commission Response Part 1 and Other Measures) Bill 2018 (“the Bill”) being absent of the previously proposed amendments that would see the innovation patent abolished.

27 Feb 2017
A recent proposal by the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) to amend 35 U.S.C. § 101 could bring positive change to applicants attempting to acquire patent rights for computer implemented inventions in the US.

09 Jun 2016
The Australian Patent Office (APO) recently issued its first patentable subject matter decision post-RPL, being FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd v British Broadcasting Corporation [2016] APO 19 (“the FOXTEL decision”), finding that a system for providing access to broadcast content on a scheduled basis was a manner of manufacture for the purposes of s18(1)(a) of the Patent Act (1990). In particular, it was found that the substance of the invention related to a technological innovation, rather than a scheme or business method, and accordingly, that the claims were directed toward patentable subject matter.
Beata joined FB Rice in 2012 and is an Associate in the Melbourne Engineering group. She completed her Bachelor Laws/Bachelor Engineering (Electrical and Computer Systems) degrees at Monash University in 2012, receiving honours for both degrees, and completed her Masters of Intellectual Property Law at the University of Melbourne in 2014.
Beata’s engineering background has included placements in a number of different fields, including work in power engineering, process system automation, and medical devices. She is particularly interested in medical devices and instrumentation, and completed a year-long research project in her 4th year in conjunction with the Monash University Bionic Vision Group, focusing on image processing for the cortical bionic eye.
Her law studies have left Beata with an interest in all areas of intellectual property law, and she completed her final-year law thesis on the authorship requirement for copyright protection as it applies to computer software. She enjoys being able to continue research in intellectual property law.


  • Bachelor Law/Bachelor Engineering (Electrical and Computer Systems) at Monash University
  • Masters of Intellectual Property Law

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Engineering
  • Medical devices
  • Image processing
  • Electrical and electronic circuits and device

Industry Focus