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Manuel Schmidt
Manuel Schmidt
Senior Associate

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Recent Publications
07 Jun 2017
Software patents have been the subject of controversy for some time. According to the most recent Australian court decision Commissioner of Patents v RPL Central Pty Ltd1 (RPL Central), the relevant question is whether the invention is in substance a scheme or plan or whether it can broadly be described as an improvement in computer technology.

16 Dec 2015
The Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia recently decided that a claim for gathering evidence relevant to an assessment of an individual’s competency did not constitute patentable subject matter (Commissioner of Patents v RPL Central Pty Ltd [2015] FCAFC 177).

14 Nov 2014
The Full Court of Australia recently decided that a claim for generating a weighted index of assets did not constitute patentable subject matter (Research Affiliates LLC v Commissioner of Patents [2014] FCAFC 150).

With his diverse client base, Manuel enjoys the contrast between different client needs.  Working with Universities, such as the University of Sydney, and other research organisations, such as National ICT Australia, he enjoys cracking difficult technical inventions and presenting them in patent applications in an understandable way.  His benchmark is that an investor should be able to understand what the invention is about by reading the patent application.

On the other hand, Manuel likes to take on the challenge of guiding executives of Australian SMEs who want to enter the patent game and formalise the IP in their products, only being satisfied when his client gets the best possible outcome.  He enjoys explaining the many possible options offered by the international patent system and helping the client select the best one to fit their business plan.

Graduating with a PhD in microelectronics engineering from the Technische Universität München (TUM), his research topic was statistical timing analysis of digital, integrated circuits. He has a strong focus on mathematical theory, software engineering, and semiconductor technology.
At the TUM, Manuel acquired experience in business planning and technology-driven start-up management at the Center for Digital Technology and Management. From 2003 to 2008 he worked as an Assistant Professor managing both research and teaching and leading tutorials. He has also taught at the German Institute for Science and Technology in Singapore.
Manuel has published extensively in industry journals worldwide, with his most recent publication Digital Design at a Crossroads: How to make Statistical Design Methodologies Industrially Relevant in 2009.
Manuel joined FB Rice in 2010 and is a Senior Associate in the Sydney ICT team.
Manuel is a registered Australian Patent Attorney.

  • PhD in Microelectronic Engineering from the Technische Universität München (TUM)
  • Master of Intellectual Property, University of Technology Sydney
Key Areas of Expertise
  • Quantum Computing
  • Semiconductor technology
  • Photonics
  • Integrated circuits
  • Bioinformatics
  • Payment systems
  • Business methods
  • Communication electronics
  • Software
  • System control
Industry Focus
Professional Affiliations
  • Member of the Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand
  • Vice President of the NSW Society for Computers and the Law