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Patent Offices around the world charge taxes on intellectual property rights such as patentstrade marksregistered designs and plant breeder’s rights. These are called 'renewal fees' or 'maintenance fees' or sometimes 'annuities'. The frequency and amount of the fee varies depending on a number of factors, but in general the fee must be paid on time or the intellectual property right will lapse. Usually the intellectual property right can be automatically reinstated by paying additional fees within a 6 month period. After that it is difficult or impossible to reinstate the intellectual property right.
To ensure you receive reminders about renewal fees, and that your instructions to pay the fees, or lapse the intellectual property right, are most effectively executed around the world FB Rice has joined a specialist renewal agency called CPA Global Limited (CPA Global). Further information about CPA Global may be found here.
CPA Global is a specialist renewals payment firm.  CPA Global sends renewal reminder notices and attends to the renewal upon receipt of your instructions. 
There is no obligation upon you to use the services of CPA Global, however where those services are used, the Partners of FB Rice derive a financial benefit from CPA Global. Should you require any assistance in your dealings with CPA Global or any renewal matters, please do not hesitate to contact us.