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In Australia only a small percentage of matters proceed to litigation, and most are settled before court proceedings commence. We are effective in facilitating negotiations between parties, leveraging our technical expertise to support licensing and settlement discussions, and the preparation of settlement documents.

When litigation occurs, we bring our knowledge, find the expert intellectual property litigator for your matter and partner with law firms to sharpen the interface between the technology IP rights and the law. Australian litigation requires a detailed focus on the technology, case law and precedent, and we provide the expertise to ensure the legal and technical arguments are on point.

Our experience with contentious IP proceedings in other key jurisdictions also provides important context for the Australian team’s role in coordinated global disputes. We tap into our global network to ensure you have access to the best legal representation without compromising on quality.

Our litigation expertise

Working alongside law firms instructed to represent clients in litigious proceedings, we provide:

  • advice and support on infringement
  • strategy for pursuing or defending enforcement claims
  • preparation of validity or invalidity positions
  • expert evidence
  • submissions
  • cross examination at trial
  • due diligence in infringement and revocation proceedings.

We have a team of experienced attorneys who work alongside firms to support litigation.

Steve Gledhill


  • Sydney ,
  • Brisbane ,
  • Paramatta

Connie Merlino


  • Sydney ,
  • Brisbane
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